Everything you need to know about Bluefyn Body Care


Everything you need to know about Bluefyn Body Care

What is Bluefyn Body Care?

Bluefyn Body Care is a monthly subscription box with a selection of plastic-free body care essentials. We deliver, through your letter box, everything you could possible need to take care of yourself. Everything down to the packaging is plastic-free and sustainable. 

What is our purpose?

We believe in a sustainable future. Our mission is to help others take steps to realise this future. Through us, people will be able to cut down on plastic waste and develop eco-friendly habits to build a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Who are we?

Two brothers with a hope for a better future. Joshua and I are both living in Edinburgh, Scotland and love the world around us. Joshua spent time in the German Alps, while I traveled the Baltic Countries. Starting a business has always been something that interested us, but this is about the bigger picture, and really making an impact in the world. 
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Sam & Josh

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