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Toothpaste Tablets - A Beginners Guide

All your ‘need to knows’ before you make the change

It can be a daunting process deciding to change daily products you’re reliable on. Worry no more! Here are some burning questions on toothpaste tablets which answers will help confirm your decision to make the plastic free change your daily routine needs.

Firstly, what are they?

Toothpaste tablets are compacted powder with the ingredients needed for healthy teeth and gums. They work just like regular toothpastes and clean and protect the teeth from cavities. Unlike the traditional toothpaste that we usually get in tubes, our containers are completely plastic free.

How to use?

Place one tablet in your mouth, chew it until there are no bits and then brush with your beechwood brush as normal. Spit it out as you normally would and avoid rinsing as it will leave a coating on your teeth to remineralise them.

Are they as effective as normal toothpaste?

Dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride and this is one of the main ingredients in our toothpaste tablets, so no mattar what, you’re not missing out on anything your teeth need to be healthy and strong! You may notice not as much foam as you’re used to. This is because many normal toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This common ingredient creates the foam when you brush, therefore not actually helping in the process of cleaning and it even can irritate sensitive teeth and gums. The strong mint flavours that we’re used to also are questionable. Although mint does have health benefits, the amount of mint oil used in toothpaste is not enough to see any of those benefits. Mint flavouring in toothpaste is just that, a flavouring.

How are they more eco friendly?

Now we’ve established that they work just as well as toothpaste, lets talk about the eco friendly benefits! Toothpaste tubes we use everyday are made up of high density polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic, the same used for making jugs of milk. On average, the yearly use of toothpaste tubes are 6 per person, on a whole consumers get through 20 billion packs of toothpaste every year! At Bluefyn, we use plastic free metal tins which are not only recyclable, but refillable and travel friendly.
Overall, they may take some time to adjust to, like we do trying anything new. However now you know you can have the same healthy mouth while also helping to save the planet!

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