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Hi, we're BLUEFYN! Here's a little info about us :)

Here for our future

On average, each person is responsible for 300g of plastic waste from bathroom products alone every month. Doesn't seem a lot? In the UK alone, that equals to 190 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. From toothbrushes to shampoo bottles, they're all taking a toll on the earth we love.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

We at BLUEFYN have set out on a mission to help people #MakeTheChange to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

What we do

To help you on your journey to a more sustainable, cleaner lifestyle, we've created the BLUEFYN box - 12 top of the range body care products, packaged in a conveniently sized box, shipped through your door each month. Add, remove or switch out products at any time through your personal customer portal to make the BLUEFYN box that's just right for you.

Who are we

Josh, 23, and Sam, 21, are dedicated to this cause and to offering our customers a convenient and simple way to #MakeTheChange to a more sustainable lifestyle. It's easy, just subscribe and enjoy! We love hearing from you and know we can't do this alone. So please reach out and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

by Samuel Mateer & Josh Mateer, Co-Founders of BLUEFYN

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